Provide the premier youth tackle and flag football and cheerleader programs in the Manassas, Woodbridge, Dale City, Dumfries, Triangle areas of Prince William County.

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General Info

  •     No Pets are to be brought to any practice or game field. Please inform family and friends that may attend.
  •     Smoking is NOT permitted.
  •     Please abide by all no parking signs and marked yellow curbs. Parking is not permitted in these places.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  When are games played?
A.  Games are scheduled for Sundays at 9 AM or 9:50 AM but note there might also be some Saturday or weeknight games if make ups are required.

Q.  Where will the games be played?
A.  Games will be played at the Grizzly Sports Complex.

Q.  Where are the practices?
A.  Practice times and locations will be determined by each coach based of field availability and league assignment.  All practices will be held within the APYFL areas.  Locations are not limited to, but include King Elementary School, Kerrydale Elementary School, Coles Elementary School, Marshall Elementary School.

Q. When is the season?

A. Practices will start around April 1st 2017 and games will start April 30th.


Q. Will there be any flag camps?

A. Yes of course!  APYFL will hold several flag camps for players to meet our coaches and fellow team mates.  These camps will also be used to evaluate players so that coaches can draft and build their team. 

Q.  What are the age requirements to participate?

A. Spring flag has several different age groups and all ages are determined by how old a player is as of December 31st, 2016.  


Q.  What are the weight requirements for Flag Football?
A.  There are no weight requirements/restrictions in Flag Football as it is a non-contact sport.


Q.  How do we register our child(ren) to play Flag Football?
A.  Go to the Register Online area found on the left hand side of the home page.  All registrations are done online and require payment at the time of registration.  We use PayPal so you can pay by credit card, debit card or e-check.


Q. How do we provide proof of age?
A  The acceptable proof of age is with the Virginia Walker ID which is obtained at the Virginia DMV.


Q.  What do registration fees cover?
A.  Registration fees pay for the use of county fields, pay for game officials, reversible uniform shirts, league insurance, team equipment.


Q.  What equipment does my child need?
A.  Rubber cleat shoes, solid color shorts (with no pockets or stripes and not red), and mouth guard (can not be clear or white).


Q.  What equipment is provided?
A.  The coaches are provided with balls, flags and belts.


Q.  Can my child be assigned to the same team as a neighbor?
A.  We try to honor as many requests as we can but are limited by age grouping and available spots on a team.  Please speak to the coach prior to team placement if you have a request.


Q.  How are positions determined?
A.  It is the responsibility of the head coach to place each player in the position that best benefits the team and provides the best experience for the player.


Q.  Does Flag Football include full contact like tackle football?
A.  Flag Football is a non-contact sport. Blocking is of any sort is NOT Allowed.


Q. How many kids are on the field at one time?
A. In the 5-6 and 7/8 (both Spring and Fall seasons)  there are only 6 players from each team on the field at one time.  In both these age groups the field is sideline to sideline.  For all other age groups its 8 vs 8 and normal full football field.